Hello, Faithbuilders families!

Please note that, due to current restrictions, we will continue to hold Faithbuilders online

We will continue to watch and consider in the weeks to come about when we can resume in-person Faithbuiders. So, keep watching the bulletins and website for those details!

Faithbuilders Online

(Videos available after 5:00 pm on Wednesdays)

Hey, Kids!

Welcome to Faithbuilders! We are currently going through the story “Pilgrim’s Progress”. This is a classic story, which we’re sure you will love! You can watch the videos, then, there is an activity page, and the small group activity guide, if you’d like to review the story as a family or on your own! Come back each Wednesday to see new stories, music, and activities listed!

Week 8 - March 3:

Faithbuilders Music Video (“Children of God” and “The Lord's Prayer”)

Pilgrim’s Progress Story – Part 8

Small Group Guide and Colouring Page

Week 7 - February 24:

Faithbuilders Music Video (“Don't Ever Stop” and “My Hope is in the Lord”)

Pilgrim’s Progress Story – Part 7

Small Group Guide and Colouring Page

Week 6 - February 17:

Faithbuilders Music Video (“Jesus Christ is Lord - Philippians 2:9-11” and “I Have Decided to Follow Jesus”)

Pilgrim’s Progress Story – Part 6

Small Group Guide and Colouring Page

Week 5 - February 10:

Faithbuilders Music Video (“For All You’ve Done” and “Mighty to Save”)

Pilgrim’s Progress Story – Part 5

Small Group Guide and Colouring Page

week 4 - February 3:

Faithbuilders Music Video (“Running” and “You Are My All in All”)

Pilgrim’s Progress Story – Part 4

Small Group Guide, with Activity Page and optional Bookmark Template

WEEK 3 - January 27:

Faithbuilders Music Video (“Sing and Shout”, and “Open the Eyes of My Heart”)

Pilgrim’s Progress Story – Part 3    

Small Group Guide, with Gospel Booklet

WEEK 2 - January 20:

Faithbuilders Music Video (“God of Our Salvation”, and “Jesus Strong and Kind”)

Pilgrim’s Progress Story – Part 2

Small Group Guide, with Colouring Page, extra “Measuring Up” Activity, and “Ten Commandments” Activity

week 1 - January 13:

Faithbuilders Music Video ("Young" and "Out of the Mud")

Pilgrim’s Progress Story – Part 1

Small Group Guide and Activity Page

For kids in Kindergarten through Grade 5
Wednesdays from 6:30 to 8:00 pm
at the Munroe Place church location

September through April

FAITHBUILDERS is a midweek club for kids Kindergarten through Grade Five. It's an excellent way to learn about God through His book to us: the Bible! Jam-packed with lively games, stories and fun activities, Faithbuilders is a great program for kids to invite their friends to, and a great way to grow in their own faith!

But, like everything else this year, Faithbuilders looks a little different!

This fall, we are holding...

Faithbuilders 2.0 Logo

To see what the evening schedule will look like, click here. For a list a this year's memory verses, click here.

Here are a few of the changes you can expect in FAITHBUILDERS 2.0:

  • Each grade level will have their own “top secret entrance” to enter the building. Kids need to preregister online, and checking in will be streamlined to go quickly!
  • Kids will stay in the same group of 15 (max) kids in their age group. Groups will not gather or intermingle.
  • We will be encouraging kids to stay physically distant through carefully planned activities.
  • Hand sanitizing will be a regular part of the routine.
  • Leaders and kids will be mask-ready for times when distancing isn’t possible or for singing times*.
  • We will be ending 20 minutes earlier at 8:00. The more rest kids can get, the healthier we can all be!
  • When you register, you’ll receive a full information email, which includes directions about where to go.


And here are some things that will stay the same:

  • Evenings will be jam-packed full of fun activities and solid learning!
  • Kids will still have the ability to gather and grow with their same-age peers!
  • Kids will still memorize verses and invite friends to Faithbuilders – but be sure to have your friends pre-register beforehand!
  • A stellar leadership team is prepared to guide and care for the kids!
  • And as always, if you’re feeling sick: stay home, get good rest, and we’ll see you when you’re ready!


Here’s what the Secret FBA (Faith Building Agents) will need to bring with them each week:

  • A water bottle (no water fountains available)
  • A mask*


*For children, masks are not mandatory. However, we will require mask-wearing for singing time (as per the Government of Saskatchewan guidelines), and may occasionally have activities in which kids may need to or want to wear a mask. If your child does not want to wear a mask there will be plenty of activities that they can participate in, and only a small number that they may need to opt out of.

To register for Faithbuilders, please click here.