For kids in Kindergarten through Grade 5
Wednesdays from 6:30 to 8:00 pm
at the Munroe Place church location

September through April

FAITHBUILDERS is a midweek club for kids Kindergarten through Grade Five. It's an excellent way to learn about God through His book to us: the Bible! Jam-packed with lively games, stories and fun activities, Faithbuilders is a great program for kids to invite their friends to, and a great way to grow in their own faith!

Updated April 16, 2021

Hello, Faithbuilders families!

Unfortunately, due to conditions in Regina, we are not able to do in-person Faithbuilders right now, and we won’t be doing online Faithbuilders in the time remaining. Rather, we will be focusing our efforts towards summer ministry possibilities.

We miss you kids, and can’t wait until we can gather together again!

Pilgrim's Progress Series (January 13 - March 24)

week 11 - March 24:

Hi, Kids! There is no story or music this week, but you can certainly go back and watch the old ones! What we do have is a fun Review Game that you can play to test yourself on your Pilgrim’s Progress knowledge, and a few other challenges too!

Week 10 - March 17:

Faithbuilders Music Video (“Jesus Loves Me” and “Never Ending Love”)

Pilgrim’s Progress Story – Part 10

Small Group Guide and Colouring Page

Week 9 - March 10:

Faithbuilders Music Video (“Bigger Than Big” and “Everlasting Love”)

Pilgrim’s Progress Story – Part 9

Small Group Guide and Colouring Page

Week 8 - March 3:

Faithbuilders Music Video (“Children of God” and “The Lord's Prayer”)

Pilgrim’s Progress Story – Part 8

Small Group Guide and Colouring Page

Week 7 - February 24:

Faithbuilders Music Video (“Don't Ever Stop” and “My Hope is in the Lord”)

Pilgrim’s Progress Story – Part 7

Small Group Guide and Colouring Page

Week 6 - February 17:

Faithbuilders Music Video (“Jesus Christ is Lord - Philippians 2:9-11” and “I Have Decided to Follow Jesus”)

Pilgrim’s Progress Story – Part 6

Small Group Guide and Colouring Page

Week 5 - February 10:

Faithbuilders Music Video (“For All You’ve Done” and “Mighty to Save”)

Pilgrim’s Progress Story – Part 5

Small Group Guide and Colouring Page

week 4 - February 3:

Faithbuilders Music Video (“Running” and “You Are My All in All”)

Pilgrim’s Progress Story – Part 4

Small Group Guide, with Activity Page and optional Bookmark Template

WEEK 3 - January 27:

Faithbuilders Music Video (“Sing and Shout”, and “Open the Eyes of My Heart”)

Pilgrim’s Progress Story – Part 3    

Small Group Guide, with Gospel Booklet

WEEK 2 - January 20:

Faithbuilders Music Video (“God of Our Salvation”, and “Jesus Strong and Kind”)

Pilgrim’s Progress Story – Part 2

Small Group Guide, with Colouring Page, extra “Measuring Up” Activity, and “Ten Commandments” Activity

week 1 - January 13:

Faithbuilders Music Video ("Young" and "Out of the Mud")

Pilgrim’s Progress Story – Part 1

Small Group Guide and Activity Page