What to Expect

What should I expect when I visit Hillsdale?

Let us help put you at ease.

Finding Us:

We have two locations.


When you arrive at Hillsdale you can find parking in our parking lot or on the street around the building.

Through our doors:

You will find friendly people (including ushers and those in the Information Booth) who are ready to help you. If you have children you are welcome to take advantage of our childcare services. We can help you find your way around or you can follow the signs and building maps on your own. If you have any questions during your visit at Hillsdale, there will always be someone in the Information Booths (located at the back of the auditorium or in the central foyer) to help you.

In the worship service:

You are free to find a seat wherever you are comfortable and our ushers can help you with that. The ushers will also offer you a bulletin that provides you with information on the morning events, ways you can get involved, and church family news. In the service, we invite you to engage with us in authentic, Christ-centered worship through music and a straightforward, relevant message from God's Word.

What to wear:

Our focus is on the heart and on coming together to worship Jesus Christ; what we wear is secondary. We do, however, encourage people to wear clothing that does not draw attention to themselves. Our desire is to draw attention to Christ and bring glory to God. At Hillsdale you will find people dressed in anything from jeans to more formal wear. Most people are somewhere in the middle. Please come dressed in a way that helps you feel relaxed, so that you can get the most out of your time here. We want you to feel at home.


To contact our offices you can call 306-586-2009 or send an email to info@hillsdaleregina.ca.