Feb 28 - Reflections from Pastor Tim

Reflections from Pastor Tim

I was asked to share some of my reflections from the trip as a final post to this blog.  My first reaction after returning home was a feeling of gratefulness.  I was grateful for how God had taken care of our spiritual and physical safety throughout the whole trip.  I was also grateful for how God brought our team together in an incredible way.  I can’t emphasize enough how well the team looked after each other and enjoyed being together.   I’m very proud of each of our young adults and leaders (clap, clap, clap - we did a lot of clapping).  The greatest feeling of gratefulness came from God allowing us to go.  It is an incredible privilege to hammer in the nails for the houses, to meet the families receiving the houses, to encourage the poor, and to serve in the name of Jesus Christ. 

With a missions trip like this, there are always good stories and lessons to learn from.  I hope you will have a chance to ask some of our team members about their stories and reflections.  A more humorous story that stands out to me was when a local boy, knowing our lack of Spanish, played a friendly joke.  As we were completing the roof for his house, he looked at us hammering and said with a smile and thumbs up, “Muy Mal! Muy Mal!”  To which we replied “Si, Gracias”, thinking he was encouraging us.  Then he laughed and laughed, as we learned he was saying with a smile, “Very bad, very bad!”  A more impactful story was when a man living at the dump said “No thanks” when we offered him food and water, but directed us towards others in the area who needed it more.  There were many moments where we received more than what we were able to give.

Overall, I reflect on the great need for the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Mexico Caravan Ministries (MCM), who we partnered with in Tijuana, often reminded us that their purpose wasn’t about building homes but about the global need for the gospel.  As I watched this be impressed upon the hearts of our young adults, it showed me again how valuable this missions trip is.  Your encouragement, financial support, and prayers not only helped those who we served in Mexico, but also our young adults.  Please continue to pray for the hearts of our young adults as a whole, as they hear God’s leading in their lives. 

May God continued to be glorified, as we now turn to cheer on our youth missions team leaving this summer!