Feb 22-23 Update

Two borders and two days later we are safely home in Regina!  We couldn’t have asked for a smoother trip, as God took care of us each step of the way.  We were even able to stay at the same house in Calgary where we stayed on our way to Tijuana.  They again warmly welcomed our team and fed us a great breakfast before the drive to Regina.      

Each of us on the team want to deeply thank our family, friends and church for their prayers and support.  It was a privilege to go and serve the people in Tijuana in the name of Jesus Christ, will all of you behind us.  We would love to share more, so please come and find us on a Sunday morning or send us an email. Finally, we praise God for the many lessons we learned and the many we were able to show His love to.  We look forward to how God will use this trip for His glory.