Young Adults Mexico Trip 2020 Blog

  • Feb 28 - Reflections from Pastor Tim

    Reflections from Pastor Tim read more
  • Feb 22-23 Update

    Two borders and two days later we are safely home in Regina! We couldn’t have asked for a smoother trip, as God took care of us each step of the way. We were even able to stay at the same house in Calgary where we stayed on our way to Tijuana. They again warmly welcomed our team and fed us a great breakfast before the drive to Regina. Each of us on the team want to deeply thank our family, friends and church for their prayers and support. It was a privilege to go and serve the people in Tijuana in the name of Jesus Christ, will all of you behind us. We would love to share more, so please come and find us on a Sunday morning or send us an email. Finally, we praise God for the many lessons we learned and the many we were able to show His love to. We look forward to how God will use this trip for His glory. read more
  • Feb 21 Update

    Our final day in Tijuana was very full, yet very amazing to be apart of. The two main activities included attending a class at Radius International and serving the children at “Ninos Con Fe”. At Radius we sat in a class of about 25 students who were preparing to go overseas as missionaries. It was encouraging to hear the stories in the room and see a real life example of young adults being trained for missions. At Ninos Con Fe (Children With Faith) the children enjoyed playing games and visiting with each of us on the team. We were grateful to be able to provide food and supplies, while being challenged in our own hearts about the staff’s love for the children. We ended this good day with some local tacos, celebrating the amazing week God had given us. We also invited the interns from Caravan, as we have enjoyed each one of them so much. Tomorrow we drive across the border and begin the journey home! Looking forward to having time to reflect and debrief as we travel. read more
  • Feb 20 Update

    No pictures today, but many important moments. Today we went to “Shanty Town”, a place beside the Tijuana dump where about 400 people live. We were asked to not take pictures at the dump to respect the people’s privacy and to stay focused on caring for the families. It is difficult to describe what we saw and felt as we handed out food and water, but the underlined truth was the need for Jesus in our broken world. One of the encouragements was visiting a small church that is located in Shanty Town named La Roca (The Rock). It is a light among the people, providing for both their physical and spiritual needs. We were thankful to be servants of Christ for these people, and be challenged as a team. Thank you for your continued prayers, as tomorrow we serve the local orphanage. read more
  • Feb 19 Update

    We praise the Lord today for giving us the strength and joy to complete our final two houses. Thank you for your prayers and financial support that helped us build a total of six homes this week. Beyond the houses and families, we are daily being taught about global missions. These discussions have been incredibly valuable and challenging (in a good way) for our team. Tomorrow the challenge will continue as we serve the people who live at the local dump. This is often a heavy day, both emotionally and spiritually, but we are grateful to have the opportunity to share God’s love with them. Dios te bendiga - God bless you. read more
  • Feb 18 Update

    Two more families today had their houses built. The builds were challenging with the location of the site, but it was again rewarding to serve the families in this way. Both teams had the help of several children, who were eager to hammer nails and play games with. As much as we are grateful to build the houses, it is really about loving these families for Jesus Christ. We also had a long term missionary from Papua New Guinea who shared with the team at Caravan. Listening to his first hand experience with translating the Bible for the Yembi Yembi people and his passion for global missions was encouraging for each of us. Please pray for the hearts of our team members through these discussions and experiences. Looking forward to building our final two homes tomorrow. read more
  • Feb 17 Update

    Today we were glad to build our first two houses. After some blisters and minor sunburns, we were able to get the job done. The families who received the houses were incredibly grateful and deeply moved. Through Mexico Caravan Ministries and our broken Spanish conversations, the families know that we are a Christian group who serves for the glory of Jesus Christ. Please pray for continued health for the team, and for the Mexican families we are able to serve. We have had some great conversations as a team, as we reflect on what God is doing in our hearts and in the lives of those we serve. read more
  • Feb 16 Update

    We have arrived in Tijuana! It is so great to finally be here and begin serving with Mexico Caravan Ministries (MCM). Our day began attending church in San Diego and gathering around a phone to listen to the Hillsdale service. A great way to start the day. Crossing the border went very smoothly, the Canada flags on the side of the van might have helped. Arriving at MCM, we were warmly welcomed by the staff and given a brief orientation. Not long afterwards we got to work loading the trucks for tomorrow’s house building! We praise God for a safe arrival and for the joy in our hearts to begin serving in Tijuana for His name. read more
  • Feb 15 Update

    Up at 2:30am and landing at 2:30pm, we have safely arrived in San Diego. We stopped here for the afternoon and evening before arriving in Tijuana Sunday afternoon. There are many firsts on this trip, including Emily’s first flight (“I could get use to this!” — Emily) and a few of our team’s first time seeing the ocean. We were able to get some much needed rest and are feeling ready to drive across the border in our two 15 passenger vans. Each of us is very grateful to have our friends, family, and church’s support and prayers. We will let you know when we arrive at Mexico Caravan Ministries. read more
  • Arrived in Calgary

    We have arrived in Calgary to prepare for our early flight tomorrow to San Diego. One of our team member’s aunt and uncle opened their home for our entire team to sleep for the night.  They have been incredibly welcoming and shown us what true hospitality looks like. We were thankful for a safe trip on the bus today, which was a great opportunity to bond as a team. Excitement and anticipation is building for Mexico, as we will arrive in Tijuana on Sunday afternoon!   Thank you for your prayers, we will send another update tomorrow. read more