Church on Grant Road

Summer Service Schedule


  • Nursery Care (Infants and Toddlers)
  • Children's Church (Age 2 and 3)
  • Junior Church (Age 4 to Grade 3)

   10:30 am SUNDAY CLASSES - on hold for the Summer:

  • During the summer we take a break from our Sunday School and EquipU Modules (Adults)
  • During the rest of the year Sunday School and EquipU Modules take place during this service.  Most people find it good to attend 9:00am service and then go to Sunday School or EquipU at 10:30.

September - June:

Nursery Care (9:00, 10:30)

During the worship service and Sunday School, capable child care is provided for infants and toddlers. Parents are invited to sign their child(ren) into the age-appropriate nursery.

Children's Church (9:00)

During our 9:15 worship service, children (ages 2 and 3) have their own special time with Bible stories and crafts. Parents can take their child(ren) to Children's Church before the worship service begins or part way through when the older children are dismissed.

Caraway Street

Caraway Street is an exciting children's program (ages 4 through Grade 3) that is held from September through June during the second half of the 9:15 worship service. Through the use of puppets, drama and music, children explore everyday situations with Biblical applications.

 Children - Caraway Set

(During the summer, the Caraway Street team takes a break, and there is an alternate Junior Church time for this age group.)

See our Children's Ministry page for more details on our children's programs!

Children and Youth Sunday School (10:30 am)

There are Bible classes for every age from September through June.

Hillsdale Equip-U Modules (10:30 am)

Our adult electives are offered in six to eight-week modules, running from September through June.

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