Mexico Trip 2017 Blog

  • Arriving Home

    On Sunday, February 26 we spent the day flying home. We arrived safely at 8 in the evening to find a crowd of family and friends welcoming us home. This whole trip was an incredible privilege for us to experience and we are all very grateful for it. God blessed us immensely by keeping us safe and healthy. Not only that but He has shown us incredible things, He has pushed us to growth in our faith and for that we so thankful. read more
  • The Last Day

    Today was a little difficult as we packed up the vans, cleaned our dorms and said goodbye to the Mexico Caravan Ministries staff. The comment was made that it felt like just yesterday we arrived but it feels like we have been here forever. read more
  • Last day in Tijuana

    Today is our last full day in Tijuana. In the morning a handful from the team decided to get up early and hike up a mountain in the middle of the city, they had a great time together there. Today is also the day that we will visit the dump in Tijuana. As we got up we all spent time with the Lord and prepared ourselves for what we would experience there. We heard from one final speaker in the morning and then right after we cooked and wrapped a lot of hot dogs to take to the people at the dump. read more
  • Last Build

    It is so strange to think that we have finished our builds and only have one day remaining in Tijuana. Time has flown by incredibly quickly but that time has not gone by without God working within us. As a team we have had great discussions and have grown together as we build each day. And we have also been challenged by God's Word each morning as we spend time with Him and as we hear from the speakers. read more
  • Taken Aback By Their Gratefulness

    With another set of houses, another group of families to serve we prepared ourselves for another day. We were all challenged to be aware of the obstacles in our lives that keep us from serving the Lord and to give everything over to God. The missionary from Laos spoke to us again about what a disciple was and that disciples carry their cross for Jesus. It is evident that God is working within them and drawing them in to Him. read more
  • Sweet Moments

    Although we have only been here for a couple days, there has been so much that has been said and done. But already we are done half of the houses we came to build so time continues to go by quickly. Today we were all challenged from the speaker to hear God's desire for our lives and that we would surrender everything for His sake and His glory. With that on our hearts we went to the job sites to serve the different families by building their homes. read more
  • The First Day, The First Builds, The First Families

    We woke up this morning and spent time together, worshipping and praying. We also heard from a missionary that served in Papa New Guinea for a number of years reaching tribal people. From him we heard his story and a great message about God's heart for those who are lost. read more
  • Made it to Tijuana

    Today was finally the day we made it to Tijuana. In the morning we all spent some time individually and together praying and preparing ourselves for the day. We then attended a church service at Emmanuel Baptist Church, it ended up being a missions morning for them and so we got to hear about a couple who minister in Indonesia. The service lined up really well with our focus heading into Mexico. read more
  • In San Diego!

    Today we woke up bright and early to catch our flight to San Diego. After a few hours in the air we made it to sunny California. There were many wide eyes, oohs and aahs at the surroundings as we picked up the vans and headed out for lunch. In the afternoon we spent a lot of time relaxing at the Sunset Cliffs. The youth had a blast exploring the park together, taking many pictures and taking in the ocean. read more
  • Embarking On The Journey

    Today we embarked on our journey to Tijuana. We all gathered together in the Regina Airport and had many family members sending us off. There were a few youth on the team that had never flown before and so excitement and nerves were high. However once we left the ground nerves looks turned to big smiles. read more